Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to bid in the auction?

A. Only Society Members can bid in the monthly auctions. Members need to fill out the “Bed Sheet”. This can be done either on-line or download and mail the form to the Society’s P.O. Box. Phone bids are not accepted. All bids must be received NLT midnight on the Saturday preceding the Monday Auction. Auctions are held on the second Monday of every month. In the event of a tie-bid the earliest receipt is the winner–mail early!

Q. Where is the monthly General Meeting & Auction held?

A. The monthly meeting is held on the second Monday of every month at the St.Louis Alumni Clubhouse located at 916 Coolidge Street, Honolulu, HI 96826.

Q. How to submit lots for a future auction?

A. Only members can submit lots for auction. Members need to carefully read the Society’s website regarding “Auctions Rules” found under “Auctions”.

Q. How can I get copies of the various forms?

A. Visit the website section labelled “Forms”. All of the Society’s forms are available on line. Most can be submitted on line; however, members always have the option of downloading a form and mailing it to the Society’s P. O. Box. The “Expertizing” form is not available on-line. This is a controlled form printed on special paper and as such must be specifically requested.

Q. How often is Po’Oleka O Hawaii published?

A. The Society’s journal is published in January and July.

Q. How do I get an article published in the Po’Oleka?

A. Articles are always welcome. Contact the Editor directly and he will provide assist you in submitting an article.

Q. How much for an ad in the monthly Bulletin and the Po’Oleka?

A. The price for an ad is the same for both publications. A full-page ad is

Q. How much does it cost to become a Life Time Member?

A. The Society does offer “Life Time” Memberships as provided in Article V of the By-Laws. Members must have maintained membership for a minimum of three (3) years continuously and submit a written request. Because there is no flat or set fee the membership varies with the age of the member. The fee is determined by the member’s current age and is projected using the current Social Security Actuarial Table for Life Expectancy. From this a fee is proposed to the individual requesting consideration for Life Membership.

Q. How do I submit stamps to be expertized?

A. Request the expertizing form(s) from the Society. This can be accomplished by email or USPS. The forms are only available upon request as this is a controlled document printed on special paper to prevent fraud. The form(s) are free upon request. Once you have the forms see the Section entitled “EXPERTIZATION Rules” for further instructions.